Magnification (Eagle)


Notes From The Edge 4/01

Yessymphonic: New Album and Tour. Yes is in the process of adding overdubs to their next album. The members are pleased with the progression of the project, where the traditional keyboard role will be replaced with a full orchestra both on the album and on the tour. Tim Wiedner, who has worked with Seal, is assisting the band with production duties, and Emmy-award winning television and motion picture composer Larry Groupˇ ("The Contender") is conducting the orchestra and handling the arrangements.

Where Are They Now? (internet) 8/01 (redigeret)

Recording of Yes's new studio album has been completed. The album is entitled "Magnification" after one of its tracks and is to be released on 11 September by Beyond Music in the US. It will be released by Eagle Rock in Europe in September and other labels elsewhere (presumably around the same time). To quote YesWorld: "Plans are in the works for fans to pre-order the album, and in doing so hear it streamed over the Internet until the album is released." There will also be a DVD Audio release of Magnification (with 5.1 Surround Sound mix) in the US in Sep. An airplay 'single', probably "Don't Go", will be sent to stations in the US in late Aug; it may also be made available for download in some manner.

The album uses an orchestra, arranged and conducted by Larry Group, who describes himself as a "temporary mascot member". He will also be conducting local orchestras on tour. The orchestra displaces much of the usual keyboard role on the new studio album, but there is a small amount of keyboard work from the band members: White (piano, Hammond), Squire (piano), Howe (piano), - but, to quote Squire, "mainly chordal stuff". The band were considering having some further keyboard work added to the album by someone outside the band.

"Magnification" has a unifying narrative and consists of a single long piece divided into 9 tracks. Tracks include "Magnification", "Don't Go" (approx. 5 mins) and "In the Presence of" (approx. 13 mins; formerly known as "Deeper" and principally written by White).  Squire has talked of 3 or 4 tracks being around 10 minutes long, with the other tracks being about 6 minutes long. Writing for the album began well over a year ago. In July 2000, Anderson said: "It's going to be wild and wonderful and wacky - a sort of 'Tales from Topographic Oceans Revisited'." In an interview, Howe was asked whether the "thematic and longer format" of the Masterworks tour is going to continue on the new album, he replied: "We hope that by doing this, we learn to understand [...] that we need bigness to find the dynamics. We've got to have lots of dynamics." There are reports that Anderson has said the epic piece was inspired by Stravinsky.

Plans for a preview EP have been resurrected and crossed with the idea for a tour edition of the new album. A three-song EP will be available at dates on the band's Yessymphonic tour from early Aug containing two successive tracks from the forthcoming Magnification, "Don't Go" and "In the Presence of". The third track on the EP is a 1997 live version of "Long Distance Runaround" to which an orchestra has been added.


Yesworld 8/01 (uddrag)

Yes' new album "Magnification" will be released on September 11 by Beyond Music in the U.S. by Eagle Records in Europe and by Imperial Records in Japan on September 21.The japanese release will include a bonus track of the live mix of "Long Distance Runaround" (see below). The album and YesSymphonic tour include an orchestra, arranged and conducted by Emmy award winning television and motion picture composer Larry Group ("The Contender"). Unlike most artists who do a handful of dates with an orchestra by simply adding symphonic arrangements to their existing repertoire, the band and Group have collaborated on striking new compositions that will debut during the tour.  "Working with Yes has been the fulfillment of a long time dream," says Group, who has composed, conducted and produced over 80 recordings. "I've been a Yes fanatic from early on because of the 'bigness' of their sound. I've always thought of them as being the leaders of orchestral rock--classical rock as opposed to classic rock. Working on this album has been one of the most creatively rewarding projects I've ever been involved with."

Due to conflicting commitments Larry Group will not be conducting the orchestra for the remainder of the tour (with the possible exception of the last three shows in the NY area). He is replaced by Bill Stromberg.

"Yes music has always lent itself to classical orchestrations and symphonic instrumentation, so much so that people have been asking us for years when we were going to tour with a symphony," says Chris Squire. "We realized that touring with a symphony only partially fulfilled what we do. In order to provide the complete Yes experience, we felt it only appropriate to make an album of new music to go along with the tour. We've been thinking about this for a number of years and finally took the time to do it exactly the way we wanted."

The tour will mark the first time the band has performed with an orchestra since March 21, 1970, at Queen Elizabeth Hall in England. Tom Brislin will support the band and orchestra on keyboards. Tom writes a monthly column for Keyboard Magazine and has worked with Meat Loaf, among others.

An exclusive special three-song EP will be available only at the shows beginning in early August. The EP will include two songs from the upcoming album ("In the Presence Of" and "Don't Go") and a new mix of a live performance of "Long Distance Runaround"

from 1997 that includes an added orchestra.                                                                                                                                                                 

Peter Widmer , Gaffa 10/01

At rockmusikere samarbejder med klassisk uddannede musikere, er ikke noget nyt. The Beatles gjorde det, Emerson, Lake & Palmer gjorde det, Procol Harum har gjort det, og så videre. Men når nu den 32 år gamle gruppe Yes, den symfoniske rocks flagskib, gør det, er det med en ny drejning. Bandets seneste CD er nemlig blevet til i et reelt samspil mellem Yes og den klassisk skolede dirigent og komponist Larry Groupe.

I forening har de skrevet og arrangeret hele "Magnification", og dét er der kommet et ret interessant resultat ud af. Yes og det indforskrevne symfoniorkester udgør et ganske imponerende hele, der ikke på nogen måde virker kunstigt, og alle musikere er i fin form.

Albummets tekster er dog et negativt element, som det tit ses hos Yes. Til gengæld er Jon Andersons kastratagtige stemme faktisk ret udholdelig her. "Magnification" skal høres som ét værk, men af enkeltnumre står specielt "Dreamtime" og "Spirit Of Survival" stærkt. Yes har leveret deres første høreværdige album siden 1971.

Classic Rock 12/01

Jon Anderson: “If “Magnification” does not sell as well as hoped for then we'll take a break for 4 or 5 years. I'm tired of making really great music and not getting the hit album you deserve. Of course, you'd hope that "Don't Go" or "Spirit of Survival" could be singles, but, hey, I'm 57 this year and I don't know if a single is good or bad for me. I wouldn't mind having a hit record, because 'The Ladder' was very badly promoted and not many people got to hear it. We've been promised better this time, but I'm not holding my breath. All I know is that it's a great album.
Steve Howe: Oh, don't pay too much attention to Jon. He's always saying things like that. He really doesn't mean it. We've got a new album that everybody likes, and that gives us a lot of hope that we're not just flogging a dead horse. For some people [in the band] there's a tendency to worry about the fact that we exist from day to day, or month to month, when Yes have actually existed like that for decades. But Jon's right in that even if the record's an enormous success and the whole world wants us, we'll need some time off. We've just done 'Open Your Eyes', 'The Ladder' and 'Magnification' all in quick succession, and I wouldn't be surprised if when this cycle's over we do take some time off to get fresh again.

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